How to Edit Employee Details?

This article will explain how to edit an existing employee’s details. If you didn’t have all the information when you created an employee or details change, this would be the place to come to update their information. The majority of this is done through the employee profile page.
 There are 2 ways to access the Employee Profiles
1. Open the Employee List
2. Click on the employee name that you wish to change
3. Then click edit
edit profile
To edit the “Employee Type” you must do the change from the employees profile page. (View the screenshot below)a858277e-ab41-4c78-a18d-b07d522d67e1_display
4. After making the necessary changes, click update
For changes to login credentials click the update below username
For all other changes click the “Update” button below “Personal Data”
And your done! Now the employee profile will show any amendments you have made. You can change as much information as you like at one time and if you forget to alter something just follow these steps again.

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