How to Add a Schedule to an Employee?

There are 3 ways to add a schedule to an employee profile


1. Schedules page

– Used for plotting schedule in a long period of time

  • Choose a start date
  • Click on “Add a new Schedule” or if the employee has an old schedule, edit the old schedule and then choose an end date, then add a new schedule.
  • On the Employee Profile, click on “Schedules” on the sidebar.
  • Select an End date
    – It’s highly recommended to leave the end date as “Do Not End” and just add a new schedule if there will be some changes.
    – Adding a new schedule will automatically end the existing schedule based on the new schedule’s start date.*When adding an end date, make sure to avoid schedule overlap. Set the new schedule start date the day after the existing schedule’s end date.
  • Select a schedule type
    • Choose a Template
      – You may select a pre-set up schedule template. You can check out how to create a scheduled template here.
    • Customize Schedule.

2. Shift Cal

If you want to change a schedule for just 1 day or two, this is where you can change it.

  • On the employee profile, click on “Shift Cal”
    Shift Cal
  • Click on the day that you want to change the schedule.
  • A pop up window should appear. Click on “New Schedule” or Click to edit the existing schedule.
  • You can either choose a shift or type in the new schedule.

 3. Scheduling (Weekly Scheduler)

A weekly view of the employee’s schedule. You can edit/change a schedule using this feature as well.

  • Click on the employee tab
  • Click on “Scheduling”
  • Click on the day you want to change/edit.
  • Under “Actions” click on “Customize Schedule”
  • The Shift can be selected in case employee will work on a pre-defined shift. If employee will work on a unique schedule, Select the “Custom” under Shift and set the start and end of shift.


*Use a 24-hour time table upon adding shifts

  • Click Save + Notify once done.


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