Lucy: Payslip Integration

We completed an integration of Lucy and PayrollHero in a way that finalizing a payroll will trigger a notification to Lucy. The Setup needed: The webhook for an account which wants to participate in this feature must have the payroll published event enabled That should be it, any new payrolls […]

Updated SSS R-1A form

We recently update the SSS R-1A form to the latest version (12-2015) from SSS. This is just a form update, no changes have been made to the SSS calculator. You will find it in the same spot on the payrolls page. Here’s our Knowledge Base Article on how to How to […]

Changes to How Hours are Attributed to Holidays

We recently released two changes to how hours are attributed on Holidays. First If you have an employee with recurring shift that crosses midnight and the “Work on Holidays” is set to No, we will adjust the holiday hours to the middle of the day on the holiday so that the […]

Per Shift Overtime for Philippine Payroll

This new feature is only available for Philippine Payroll. This rule will apply Overtime pay rates if an employee exceeds the threshold on any given shift. Example: If the per shift OT rule has a threshold of 8 hours The employee is scheduled to work the 1st Shift (2:00 to 10:00) […]

Release Notes: Half Day Leaves

We recently release a new feature for the leave management app that will allow employees to apply for Half day leaves. Applying for a Leave Applying for a half day leave is the same as applying for a regular leave except the half day Leaves option is only available for […]

Release Notes: On demand Photo Verification

We recently replaced out old Photo matching system with a new on demand system that provides a report of the photo matched against the employees profile Photo. This feature is behind a feature flip which is currently defaulted to off. The new report is under the flag wall – Verifications […]

Release Notes: TeamClock Lite for iOS and Android

We have released a new time tracking app for iOS and Android. It’s a simplified version of the original TeamClock which no longer relies on downloading the schedule and attendance of the employees. Instead we have provided all the clocking options and the employee can select the correct one to use. This […]