Release Notes: TeamClock Lite for iOS and Android

We have released a new time tracking app for iOS and Android. It’s a simplified version of the original TeamClock which no longer relies on downloading the schedule and attendance of the employees. Instead we have provided all the clocking options and the employee can select the correct one to use. This means that the employee can clock out at the end of their work day even if they forgot to clock in at the start of the day.

The lite version of TeamClock does not support Offline clocking. This means that it must have an internet connection at the time the clocking was made. It will not store them in a queue and send them later like the original TeamClock. The app currently does not have offline detection so it cannot deactivate the clocking functions when there is no connection. We suggest that users wait until they receive the success or failure message appears after they clock in/out. If the Clocking fails we suggest that they check their internet connection first before contacting support.

We have also simplified the interface and removed the gender selection screen. Once logged in Employees will see the surname screen first.

GSP and camera have both been disabled by default and will need to be enabled in the app settings page if you want to track GPS and Collect photos at clocking. To get to the settings just click on the Menu icon in the top left corner of the screen then select settings. There will be two toggle switches to turn on the GPS or the camera functions.

Here are some Knowledge Base Articles for TeamClock Lite

The app can be downloaded from

the Google play store at

The Apple App store at

If you have any questions please let us know by clicking here.

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