Release Notes: On demand Photo Verification

We recently replaced out old Photo matching system with a new on demand system that provides a report of the photo matched against the employees profile Photo. This feature is behind a feature flip which is currently defaulted to off.

The new report is under the flag wall – Verifications

The API we are using for the Matching is throttled to 10 transaction per second so if we ever reach that limit we have built in a 1 minute wait and retry. So it may appear that the Report stops occasionally for a minute before it resumes.

Once complete you will see the Profile photo of the employee at the top of the page and the Clocking photos at the below. Each clocking photo has details about:

  • Match denoted by a Check Mark or Mismatch denoted by an X
  • Confidence Rating – This is a scale of 0 to 100% of how confident we are that this photo is a match to the employees profile photo.
  • Date and Time of the Clocking
  • The type of clocking event – Clock in or Clock out.
  • Application used to make the clocking event.
  • GPS location of the Clocking which is shown via google maps link.

Confidence rating and Matching:

The confidence rating is used to determine if the photo is a match or not.

If the confidence rating is below 50% then we consider the photo to be a mismatch to the profile photo.

If the confidence rating is above 50% then we consider the photo to be a match to the profile photo.

Knowledge Base Article:

On Demand Photo Verification

Other Notes:

The profile photo and clocking images need to show both eyes and chin to make the best match.

If either photo is two small to analyze the report will display an appropriate error message.

If you have any questions please let us know by clicking here.

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