How to Update Credit Card Info on PayrollHero Billing

If you’re looking into updating your credit card details, here’s how: Open the “invoice” from the email that PayrollHero sends you every month. You will then see an option to “Update Credit Card” on the right side. Please see screenshot below: If you have any questions, feel free to email […]

Release Note: OT/OB Email Notifications fixed

Before, all email notifications related to the OT/OB Request Feature (ie OT/OB Employee Request or OT/OB Approve/Reject Email notification) were being sent to the HR Email. We have now fixed this… Employee’s OT/OB Requests will be sent to the Email field on their profile. OT/OB Requests’ Email Notifications that are […]

How to Generate the 13th Month Payment Report

When initially using the 13th Month Payment Generation, it can directly generate the employee’s 13th Month Pay amounts into a payment for you to add within their regular payrolls. With the 13th Month Payment Report, you can initial view the amounts before generating the payment. If you would like to […]