Singapore Payroll Guide: Company Enrollment Setup

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Enrollments are linked with the employee’s payments. If there’s no enrollment, the payment for the employee will not be activated because the “Enrollment”  is where we add the start date for the payment.

  • CDAC

1. Bank

2.  Activation Delay


  • CPF

1. Bank

2. Activation Delay

3. Tax Reference Number UEN/NRIC/FIN)

4. Payment Type

5. Serial Number

  • ECF

1. Bank

2. Activation Delay

  • MBMF

1. Bank

2. Activation Delay

  • SDL

1. Bank

2. Activation Delay


1. Bank

2. Activation Delay

How to update the Employer’s Government Details:

Bank enrollments for government deductions are automatically created for Singapore accounts but they need to be updated with your organization details. To do so, please follow the steps detailed on this article.

1. Go to the settings menu


2. On the left side menu, scroll down and click on Bank Enrollment.


3. Then click “edit” on for the enrollment you wish to update


4. Complete all the required details. For help on filling up the government payments, click on the small box above the field. A new window will open explaining where to obtain those details.


5. When done, click on Update at the bottom of the page!


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