How to Resolve Flex Employees with Multiple Clock In and Out

PayrollHero has 2 options to setup an employee with flexible shifts:

These flexible shift options only works with employees with 1 shift within the day.

If flex employees works multiple shifts, let’s say the first clock in/out is at 8AM-10AM, second clock in/out time at 1PM-3PM and third clock in/out time at 6PM-8PM The workaround solution we have for this is to do the following:

  • Let the employee clock in and out multiple times. 
  • If you see the “Duplicate Clock In” on the Attendance page, like this screenshot:
    • Click the name of the employee and click on the “Duplicate Clock In” for the specific date.
    • Edit the rollcall day to see all the multiple clock in and out time. See screenshot below:
  • Open in a tab the Shift Cal page
  • Add the multiple clock in and out as SHIFTS. See screenshot below:
    • Copy the clock in time as the Start time of the shift
    • Copy the clock out time as the End time of the shift
  • Once you have created the shifts, go back to the Attendance page and resolve each shift by choosing “Revert to schedule
  • It will show on the “Perfect” attendance status like this screenshot:
    • If employees get more than 8 hours worked in a day (or depends on your Overtime Rules), that will trigger the Overtime Rate.

Click here for a quick video tutorial

And that’s it! That’s how you can resolve a flex employee’s multiple shift.

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