How to Pay Employees the 13th Month Bonus?

To automatically pay the 13th month bonus to your employees on a specific date:

  • Go to your Account Settings
  • Click on Payments under Finances on the left menu.
  • On the Payments page, add a new bonus payment.


  • You can follow the example screenshot for the most common settings.
    This example is set to pay the bonus on the 15th of December payroll. On this screen you can select the date that you want to do this payment.
  • After creating this new bonus payment, the payments page will have a new item similar to the following screenshot:


When you generate the payroll for the period that includes the specific date, (in the case of the previous screenshot December 15th), PayrollHero will automaticaly credit the employees the 13th month bonus.



For information on How to Compute the 13th Month Pay refer to this article.

For information on How to Manually Adjust the 13th Month Accrued for an employee refer to this article.

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