Release Note: Mass Export BIR 2316 Reports

Currently, BIR 2316 Report can be exported via the Employee’s Profile. You would need to go to each employee profile to export the BIR 2316 Report.

We now have the option to mass export the BIR 2316 Report of all your employees. All you need to do are the following:

  • Make sure your employee profiles have the following details added:
    • Zip Code / Postal Code
    • 11 digit phone number
    • BIR EnrollmentNOTE: If the one of the above details are missing, the employee’s BIR 2316 Report will not be included on the zip file.
  • Email and request to export all employees’ BIR 2316 Report.

This feature is currently available on PayrollHero Support and once request is made within support hours (8AM-5PM) it will be sent as a zip file within the day.