Release Note: Release of the Alpha Version of the Payrollhero Leave Management App

We recently completed the alpha version of our new leave management app. Leave Management was built as a separate service that is closely integrated with our core HRIS, Scheduling and payroll app.

In the alpha version We currently support two types of leaves: Vacation Leaves and Sick Leaves. The current version supports the following features.

Request a leave

All leaves requests are auto approved by the system and will automatically update the employees schedule and send out an email notification to both the employee and their manager notifying them of the leave details.

To apply for a leave:

Choose the start and end date of the leave period.

Choose the days that you wish to use your banked paid leave in the calendar view.

note: only select the days that you want paid leave applied to. ie. if you don’t work weekends you don’t have to use paid leave on those days.

Select the type of leave you would like to use.

Enter the reason for the leave request.

Click apply

Assign an amount of leave to employees leave bank balance.

If you have administration privileges for leave management then you will be able to modify employees leave bank balance.

To Edit an employees leave bank balance:

Go to the Leave Bank Balance page.

Find the employee that you want to modify

Click edit.

Make the bank balance adjustment.

Click save

Upcoming features are

My Leave History – so I can see all my past leave requests

Upcoming Leave Requests – This shows managers their subordinates leave requests and gives them the ability to reject leave requests.

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