Release Note: Enhancement: Automatic Rounding Rules

This morning, PayrollHero has implemented an automatic “rounding” action which can be applied to “inearly”, “in late”, “outearly”, “out late”, “undertime”, and “overtime” infractions. These new rules are available in the thresholds UI.

To use this new rule, set the action of your rule to “submit and round”, and then you have options of “to nearest”, “up to nearest”, and “down to nearest”. Then choose the resolution, which can be 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes or 1 hour.

If you choose “to nearest”, then the infraction will be rounded either up or down depending on the halfway point. For example, if the employee clocked in 8 minutes late and you choose “round to nearest 10 minutes”, then their submitted time will be 10 minutes late, conversely if they clock in 6 minutes late, they will be rounded to 0 minutes late.

“Up to nearest” and “down to nearest” work oppositely. 6 minutes would be rounded to 10 if “up to nearest” and 8 minutes would be rounded to 0 if “down to nearest”.

Bram Whillock, PayrollHero Engineering

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