Release Note: Alphalist 7.3 Unlisted Employees

A recent update to the Alphalist 7.3 changes the logic on how we qualify employees in the list.

To give you a little context on this change, Alphalist 7.3 is a list of employees without a previous employer. This qualifies active employees that have been employed from the beginning of the year and earlier are qualified to be in this list. Alphalist 7.4 are active employees with a previous employer. This means that employees that are hired in the middle of the year are qualified to be in this list.

Since we do not currently support holding information for previous employers, we decided to merge Alphalist 7.4 employees to Alphalist 7.3.

Do note that this change only touches on how employees are qualified in to which list and it doesn’t change any of the calculations that were previously already done for the Alphalist.

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— Vincent Paca

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