Release Note: New DSL Setting for Rest Day Rules: ‘exclude_from_base_pay’

Previously, rest day rates for monthly paid employees using DSL-based payroll settings were assumed to have the base pay component already “included” in their monthly salary.

IE:, Let’s assume that the worked rest day rate of an employee is 130% and he is paid 20,000 PHP a month (let’s say that it comes up to 1000 a day). Currently, when he/she works on a rest day, the additional pay for said work only comes up to 30% of his daily pay, or 300 PHP.

This is because we currently assume that the 100% part of the rate has already been paid out.

For clients who wish that the entire 130% is paid out additionally (not just the 30%), there is a new setting on the DSL that can be enabled through the Client Success team that will toggle this behaviour.

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— Nico Suria

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