Release Note: Feature: We’re not gonna ignore attendance resolution anymore

We are improving attendance resolution by removing a mis-understood feature, attendance adjustments.

This is an old feature that is in conflict with the normal attendance resolution. If you do not know what it is don’t worry you wouldn’t miss it.

It’s essentially a contradiction to the attendance resolution. Let’s say John was late for 15 minutes and left on time. The normal resolution flow would ask the supervisor the following:

1) Is John really late and what time did he actually came in.

2) John would have worked less time than what was expected. Should we deduct the time and consider it under time.

Once these questions are answered John’s attendance would be either of the following:

1) He came in late and yes deduct the time he didn’t work.

2) He came in late but don’t deduct any time.

3) He came in on time.

What the adjust feature does is basically forget the attendance resolution and state that John came in and came out at the specified time.

There’s a few disadvantages with the adjust feature. For one thing the clock out time which doesn’t have any issues could be adjusted. Another issue is that there’s no safeguard against accidentally setting the time under or over the expected work time. That could unexpectedly pay extra or deduct pay.

It is for these reason that we’ve removed the feature.

If you already did adjustments on the attendance this will still be applied to the coming payroll. However no new adjustments could be added.

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— Ronald Maravilla

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