Philippine Payroll Guide: Clocking in and Resolving Overview


Well done on completing the first milestone. Your account is now ready for your employees to start using it! The next milestone is all about getting your employees active on the system.

Clocking in and Resolving

You will get your employee’s to clock in and out using PayrollHero

  • Tags: You will organize your employee’s and tag them based on your companies setup
  • Subordinates: You will control which employees have access to subordinates on your account
  • Resolving Attendance:  You will learn how to resolve the infractions that are not covered by your automatic thresholds and be given the documentation to train your team (if needed)

Next Step: Create Tags

Nice work, the system is now resolving your employees attendance correctly based on your rules. The next step is to start organizing your employees. We can organize those employees by using the tags feature.



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