How to Resolve Hourly Paid Leaves?

Currently, PayrollHero does not support hourly paid leaves. This is a workaround article that you can do to resolve these scenarios:


Employee A whose schedule is 8am-5pm requested to file a half day leave from 8am-12nn to renew her passport. This is allowed. She comes in to work from 1-5pm.

-​ If they have requested to file a half day leave early, then you can customize the schedule and set it to “8am-12nn” instead of 5pm. This way they can still clock in/out on time. And basically be paid on those hours and no deduction would be given to them.

– If they are monthly paid employee, they still get their full base pay. However, if they are “hourly” paid employees, then you would need to create a specific payment on their Payments page. And add the amount for the remaining hours that they want to take a leave. (See video attached below on how to create the payment.)


Employee B was not feeling well when she came in by 8am. Later on the day she felt worse, so she requested to file a half day sick leave which is also allowed.

– If an employee asks to leave work early… Let them still clock out on the system. This way, the manager or HR can just resolve their attendance. If you want to capture the correct clock in and out, resolve the attendance as an “Undertime” instead of “reverting to scheduled”… However, in resolving “Undertime” employees will do see a deduction on their payslip.

– To fix the undertime deduction, you can create a specific payment on the employee’s profile. Basically create a payment with the same amount of deduction, set the payment to credit to “gross” so the taxes would be the same. As if there is no deduction. Please see the attached video and screenshots below:

Youtube video

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