How to Resolve a Late Clock Out?

A late clock out can happen for a couple of reasons:

  • The employee finished work late
  • The employee forgot to clock out at the end of their shift, but remembered and clocked out later

Whatever the reason, make sure that you are resolving the late clock outs so that your employees gets paid accurately for the amount of time that they worked.

Tip: Resolving late clock outs is a good way to keep track of which employees are continually working late hours. Consider checking in with them to make sure their workload isn’t too high.

Helping hand: If you need to know how to find the Attendance tab in your Dashboard, read our article: Resolving an employee’s Attendance status

What a late clock out looks like:


Different ways to resolve a late clock out

In the image above you will notice that there are three different options available to resolve the employee’s attendance status:

  • That’s ok, just submit as is  – the employee clocked out really late
  • Revert to as scheduled –  the employee clocked out late, but did not work past the end of their scheduled shift
  • Submit Clock In time as:  HH:MM –  the employee clocked late in, and it differs to the time they actually started work. This will override their scheduled time. Use Military time format.

Once you have found an appropriate option:

  1. Select the option you wish to use
  2. Write a reason in the Update Reason box
  3. Click the Submit at Resolved button

Important: You are required to state a reason for the resolution you chose.


That concludes the ‘How to resolve a late clock out’ article. You should now know how to resolve a late clock out attendance status, confidently.

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