How Email Notifications Works for Leave Management

Leave notifications should happen automatically. The notification goes to the employee and their immediate superior. If the position immediately above them is empty then it will go to the person above that.

In order for the Email Notifications to work for Leave Management, there are a couple of settings that is needed to be set up correctly.

1. Subordinates

The Manager’s Subordinates must be set up correctly. Here’s how –


*Note: If Subordinates is set to “none” they won’t receive any email notifications.

2. Positions

Make sure the Manager’s Position is the direct superior of the Position of the Employee.


*Note: If the Manager’s position is not the DIRECT superior of the employee position, they won’t receive the email notification for the leave

Here’s a sample Email Notification of the Leave Management

  • For the Manager


  • For the Employee who requested a Leave



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