Employees who have Shifts Overnight and One of the Days is a Holiday

Most BPO clients work on a graveyard shift. Their employees usually have shifts overnight that would start at night and would end tomorrow morning. There are instances that either one of these days is a holiday. It is up to the company if the shift would be a paid regular hours or hours worked after midnight counts as holiday hours.

With PayrollHero, we can set this up for your account if you have such rules in your company. You just have to choose between the options here:

If an employee starts a shift on a regular day and the next day is a holiday, what happens if he works after midnight?
  • Hours after midnight count as holiday hours – worked hours after midnight would be paid with the holiday rate


  • Hours after midnight count as regular hours – whole shift would be paid with the regular rate

Whatever settings you choose, it would also apply vice versa. (First part of the shift is holiday and hours after midnight is regular hours)

If you want this settings set up on your account, just contact us at support@payrollhero.com. We’ll then send you a document for signing, once signed you can send it back to us so we can update your Settings right away.


For questions and suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@payrollhero.com. We’ll be happy to help.

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