Employees who Follow Another Country’s Holidays instead of Philippine Holidays

There are companies with employees who work on a different timezone thus following a different calendar, using another country’s holiday instead of the Philippine holidays. If you have these employees. then what you need to do is create a Secondary Day Type and applying it on their schedule. Here’s how:

1. Under Settings, go to Day Types


2. Click Add a New Day Type


3. Set up the New Day Type

  • Name – Name of the Day Type
  • Kind – Select “Secondary Day Type”
  • Color – Enter whatever color you want
  • Work Day –  If it’s a work day or not
  • Create – Click once you’re done


4. Go to Rates page


5. Set up the Rates for each Employee Types


6. Click screenshot_102816_044534_pm


To apply this to your employee, you need to use the Scheduling or Shift Cal

Via Scheduling

  • Click the day you’ll edit for your employee/s
  • Under Actions, select Customize Schedule


  • Set the shift, make sure to set the Secondary Day Type.
  • Click Save + Notify


  • Your Customized Schedule would look like this:


Via Shift Cal

  • Go to the Employee Profile
  • Go to Shift Cal


  • Select the date/s that you want to customize and choose Custom Schedule
  • Edit or Add a Shift
  • Set up the Shift Details, make sure to set the Secondary Day Type.
  • Click Create


  • Your Customized Schedule would look like this:



Now you now how to set up a Secondary Day Type for your employees who follow other country’s holidays instead of Philippine holidays. If you have questions and suggestions, please contact us at support@payrollhero.com.

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