Middle of the Cut Off Computation Breakdown

If employees get paid a monthly rate and divide that per cut off period… The Rest Days are not deducted. The system pays the same way if they start in the middle of the cut off…  The way the system computes the employees salary if they start in the middle […]

PayrollHero Leave Management Report Filters

PayrollHero can currently export the following Leave Management pages: My Leave History Past Leaves Upcoming Leaves Leaves for Approval You can learn more about this on this support article – PayrollHero Exportable Leave History Report Before exporting, you can filter the leave management reports with 2 options: Filter by Leave […]

PayrollHero Exportable Leave History Report

PayrollHero can now export the following Leave Management Reports My Leave History Past Leaves Upcoming Leaves Leaves for Approval To generate a Leave History Report: – Login to your account, and click on Leave Management – Once you are on Leave Management click on My Leave History – Select the […]

PayrollHero Error Email Notification

PayrollHero now sends specific error email notifications to admins or users who may have set up incorrect data on their PayrollHero Account. A couple of errors a user might be receiving are the following: Empty Employee Types Missing Amounts on payments Invalid Shifts Missing Positions Missing Clock in or Clock […]

Government Contributions in the Philippines

Every month, members pay their contributions through the Company they work for. Philippine Government Contributions are computed based on the Salary Bracket to which a member is categorized. A more comprehensive table which consists of the overall contribution scheme of SSS can be accessed here – NEW SSS CONTRIBUTION SCHEDULE […]

PayrollHero Off-Cycle Feature

In every business, employees get paid on specific payroll periods, be it daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly. However, there are cases where employers need to generate a special payroll run or an off-cycle payroll generation (ie payroll adjustments or bonuses) where an employee would have a separate payslip. We’d […]

Allowance Template Variability Type computation

Variability Type : You can credit specific amount to the time the employee work. If you do not see this option on your account, please contact support@payrollhero.com. Frequency: Per payroll Monthly Per worked day Per actually worked day Variability Type: Yes, Apply according to time worked Yes, but exclude overtime and […]