Allowance Template Variability Type computation

Variability Type : You can credit specific amount to the time the employee work. If you do not see this option on your account, please contact


  1. Per payroll
  2. Monthly
  3. Per worked day
  4. Per actually worked day

Variability Type:

  1. Yes, Apply according to time worked

  2. Yes, but exclude overtime and undertime

  3. Yes, apply flat rate but deduct absences

    If the employee has a non-confi allowance of 2000.00 PhP per month and has no absences and they are paid on a semi monthly basis then they should be paid the 1000.00

    If the employee is absent 1 day based on their schedule in the pay period then they should be deducted the calculated Daily rate for the allowance for that day.

    Paid allowance = (Allowance/2) – (allowance daily rate * days absent)

    Daily Rate = Monthly Rate X 12 months / Workdays per year (Use the same numbers that are in the compensation table for the employees position.)

    (2000.00 PhP X 12 Months)/ 313 Days = 76.67 PHP

    If the employe was absent 1 day in the semi monthly pay period then they will be paid an allowance of

    (2000.00 PHP/2) – (76.67 * 1) = 923.32

  4. No, just apply a flat rate

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