If an employee doesn’t come to work (don’t clock in and clock out), will they get paid? ​

The straight answer to this one is…. it currently depends on how the employees are set up.

  • If the employee is monthly paid, and there is no schedule, and all the days are blank, the employee will still be paid their monthly rate.
  • If the employee is hourly paid, and no schedule was set, they won’t get paid for the day.

The only time they won’t get paid if they don’t work (no clock in and out) are the following:

  • If the employee have a schedule on those days and it was not resolved – This would trigger an error message on the attendance page
  • If the day was set to unpaid day off – this would deduct their fixed monthly pay.

In the case where in the employee leaves in the middle of the cut off period, here’s two options on what you should do:

  • Set the PAY MODE setting from monthly to HOURLY.
    – This way, the employee will only get paid the days they worked.
  • You retain the monthly pay mode, but set the rest of the days he didn’t work to an “unpaid day off”

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