How to show payslips to employees?

A correctly generated payroll can be locked in order for your employees to view their pay stubs online.

Here’s how to lock the pay stub for all employees:

1. Go to Payroll tab

2. Click on Payrolls

3. Click the gear icon next to the specific pay period.

4. Click Details



5. Make sure that the employees are selected by marking the tick boxes. Click on the drop down and select “Publish”


drop down description for payrolls

Publish – If you select “Publish, it will notify employees via email that their paystub is ready AND they will then be able to view the paystub through their individual PayrollHero Accounts.

6. Once you click on “Publish” it’ll show a pop up confirming the action.


7. Once the payrolls are published, a letter icon will show up:


8. Once the payroll is published, you can select “Finalize” which means that if salaries have already been paid then the paystubs should be finalized.Preventing further edits.


But until the paystubs have not been finalized you should feel free to make any additional adjustments needed so they reflect your company’s commitments.

9. Once you click on “Finalize” it’ll show a pop up confirming the action.


10. Once the payrolls are finalized, a lock icon will show up:



We want for your previously generated data to be more secure, so once a payroll has been made final further changes will be impossible. This is insurance against retrospective changes to your payroll data.

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