TeamClock v6.1.1

We just released a new version of the TeamClock

In this version:

  1. A new permission was added in PayrollHero to only allow certain employees to be authorized to log in on TeamClock
  2. Anyone logging in on TeamClock will show all employees, not just their own subordinates.

This was done to solve two problems.

  1. Some customers had employees from different groups at the same work location, there would be no manager on site who can log in to a TeamClock to represent both the groups, so now the TeamClock just shows all employees regardless of who’s logged in on it.
  2. Some customers are worried about fraud situations due to employees creating TeamClock on their own devices at home, a new permission was added to allow designating certain employees only to have this access.
    Note: This new feature is turned off by default for EXISTING accounts until March 1, 2017 at which point it will automatically switch over to requiring this role. Should a customer want this earlier, they just need to contact

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