Release Note: Salary Contracts for Singapore

PayrollHero is now capable of generating payrolls for salary-paid employees based in Singapore.

As with all other Singaporean based employees, the pay mode and all other details of the payroll is managed within the “Contracts” section of the employee resource – which may be reached by clicking the said link on the employee detail page’s sidebar.

Then just add a new contract or modify an existing one to get to the Contract edit form. In this form, select ‘Salary’ from the Pay mode dropdown as shown below to set up a salary paid contract for the specific employee.

Users may also opt to use the multi-insert tool to create salary contracts en-masse. Navigate to the Multi Insert page by hovering over the ‘Add/Update Employees’ button under the navigation bar’s “Employees” tab. Once there, select ‘Salary’ from Contract type and check the box of the allowances you wish to be associated to the contracts that will be created by this tool.

Payroll should be generatable as normal, but salary paid employees will not get deductions or overtime – regardless of their attendance. The only time an employee will not receive their full month’s salary is if their contract started AFTER the start of the pay period or if the said contract ends BEFORE the end of the pay period. This then results into a ‘Partial Month’ payroll.

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— Nico Suria

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