Release Note: Secondary Payrolls now Available

A new feature has been rolled out, allowing them to generate a separate payroll for employees provided a finalised payroll for the same period already exists.

Auxiliary or secondary payrolls are defined as payrolls that are on top of already existing regular payrolls. A practical example would be a separate payroll that only paid out commissions or arbitrary bonuses. There may be instances wherein companies don’t want to pay out a certain discretionary amount to employees as part of their regular paystub.

These new payrolls are completely unaffected by attendance, but are still subject to CPF and other kinds of deductions. Instead of reading attendance, clients will be asked to download a template, add in the amounts they wish to pay out, then re-upload that modified file back to PayrollHero (similar to our Multi Insert tools).

In order to set your PayrollHero account to have secondary payrolls, please contact our Client Success team.

If you have any questions please let us know by clicking here .

— Nico Suria

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