Release Note: Feature: Clearer Threshold

We’ve notice that users are constantly confused about how the undertime rule works when one sets it to sum work hours.

It was designed to do one thing which is to count hours worked beyond what the employee is scheduled to work. An example scenario would be:

John work 9am to 5pm

John came in late by 30 minutes at 9:30am

John left 30 minutes after his scheduled shift at 5:30pm

John would not be deducted any paid hours since 9:30am to 5:30pm is the same number of hours as 9am to 5pm

If one sums up all the hours John worked on that day he effectively covered his shift.

This however is not the common practice and most companies are confused about what the feature does. So we are removing it in favour of undertime auto resolution threshold.

If you have any questions please let us know by clicking here .

— Ronald Maravilla

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