Release Note: Bug Fix: Unpaid Day Off in Monthly Pay Mode

We fixed a number of bugs that prevented setting unpaid day off working correctly in some cases. This was a somewhat complicated set of fixes so please bear with us as we break it all down.

There was a number of issues in general with setting unpaid days off when setting schedules via the Multi Insert tool, it should work as expected now.

The other interfaces had issues when creating unpaid days off ahead of time, for example, on the 1st of a month, giving an employee the 3rd as an unpaid day off. Cases where you set the unpaid day off on the day of, or for the past, would still work as expected. This was particularly embarrising since the feature worked quite inconsistantly. All these scenarios work as expected now.

A big part of the severity of this issue came out of an earlier bug fix. We later realized that a number of our customers were using a workaround, using unpaid days off instead of paid and vice versa to get around some of the bugs fixed here. This earlier change forced our customers to use the “proper” way to set days off, except that the feature set we asked them to use was quite buggy, whis is totally our bad for not having the systems in place to ensure it was not.

Since these were huge issues with very core parts of our feature set we spent a considerable amount of time seeing where we went wrong allowing these issues to exist this long. As part of this we also updated a number of internal processes to both prevent advocating workarounds, and to keep track and remove workarounds from use as soon as possible. This will allow us to force bugs out of hiding and have them be fixed sooner as well as allow us to be pre-active with customers to remove workaorunds from use the moment the related issue is fixed.

On top of that we have augmented our test suite to specifically cover these scenarios to ensure this never happens again.

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— Piotr Banasik

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