Restaurant & Retail Executive: Claudine Chan-Cobankiat, Kichitora of Tokyo and Qrius

Our PayrollHero Blog has launched a series called Retail & Restraurant Executive where top restaurant and retail executives from all over the world are interviewed to gain insight and perspective into how they make their decisions, grow their businesses and deal with challenges. This weeks featured guest inverviewee is Claudine Chan-Cobankiat from Kichitora of Tokyo […]

Executive Profile: Simon Meers, Managing Director, Wint & Kidd Inc (Philippines)

This is the second entry on the new series from the PayrollHero Blog which interviews some of the executives that are innovating in Philippines and asks them a bit about themselves, about the challenges they face at their organization and how PayrollHero has impacted their operations. On this entry, the team has interviewed Simon Meers, from Wint & Kidd […]