How to Edit Company Settings

Company-wide settings are located all in the same place. Navigate to or click on settings.


When personalizing your PayrollHero account your first steps will be through the Company Settings panel.

Company Settings are where you will set up all information regarding your company. For example Positions, Schedules, Grace Periods etc. Diagram 1 details all the tabs relating to company settings:

Diagram 1:

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.43.38 PM


To get to these settings first click on your Name up the top right corner:

Diagram 2:

kb (1)


The third option from the dropdown menu is where you access the Company Settings.


General Settings

To edit general company information, where you can edit your company name, logo, timezone etc go to the following:

Diagram 3:

kb (2)

Within this edit panel, you can edit Basic company information, Payroll Info, Clock Information.

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