Lucy: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Lucy?

Lucy is your 24/7 personal Artificial Intelligence (AI) HR assistant for you and your employees on your PayrollHero account.

What can Lucy do?

Lucy’s basic features can currently do the following:

  • Clock in/out Options: Employee’s can clock in and out via Lucy (which you can restrict)
  • Clocking Notifications: Employees can get a receive and send notifications reminder for when they can clock in OR can tell or notify their manager they are running late or will be absent.
  • Clocking Reminders: Employees can get a reminders if they forgot to clock out.
  • Schedule Inquiries: Employees can ask Lucy about their schedules.
  • Leave Management Request: Employees can request for a leave and ask about leave credits. (If Leave Management is enabled on your account)
  • Payslips: Employees can receive their payslips
  • Adding Employees: HR can add/create new employees via Lucy!
  • and a lot more!

How to setup Lucy?

  • Once Lucy goes live on December 1, 2017, all employee who has a phone number listed on their PayrollHero profile will receive a text message something like this, see screenshot below:

To facilitate a smooth roll out we recommend HR or the admin to complete the following:

  1. Ensure your employee’s mobile phone numbers are up to date in the PayrollHero system.
    • We use the employee’s phone number to match and verify the employee profile.
    • Lucy will introduce herself to your employees via SMS. This means if their numbers are incorrect in the system they will not receive the message.
    • You can use  Multi Insert Tool – Employee Profile Update to mass update the phone numbers.
  2. Make sure your employees expect a text message from Lucy.
    • Employees should follow the instructions to activate and use Lucy via Facebook Messenger.

What happens if I don’t have any phone number?

  • HR will be receiving a message that the employee doesn’t have any phone numbers.
  • You won’t be able to use Lucy.

Is Lucy Free?

  • Yes! Lucy’s basic features are completely FREE of charge to our existing and new clients.

What are Lucy’s Advance Paid Add-Ons?

Lucy’s advance features are currently paid add-ons that anyone can avail.

Will Lucy see my Facebook page or Facebook Messenger?

  • Lucy and PayrollHero doesn’t see any Facebook page or Facebook Messenger account.
  • You can use any Facebook Messenger account, however Lucy uses your phone number that is listed on your PayrollHero to recognize the person she’s chatting with.

Can I employees share Facebook messenger accounts?

  • Employees cannot share Facebook Messenger accounts as Lucy can currently recognize 1 phone number.

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